The Secret Of Ciplukan / Cecenet Benefits

 The Secret Of Ciplikan / Cecenet Benefits

Ciplukan fruit is still underestimated by some people. Generally this fruit will indeed be found in the bushes. In addition, it is also relatively less familiar to Indonesians. However, who would have thought there are many benefits of ciplukan fruit that are still not widely known to people.

The fruit itself when it is ripe will have a reddish yellow skin color as well as a soft texture. It tastes sweet and a bit sour and has a chewy sensation. Common ciplukan plants grow on their own on a piece of land. The tree itself can grow up to one meter high with a maximum age of one year. The leaves are thin green and there are teeth at the ends.

When fruiting, the fruit will be wrapped in a thin green bag that bulging. Gradually the bag will change according to the skin of the fruit ciplukan. To determine whether the ciplukan fruit is ripe or not, there is no need to open this wrapping bag. Just see if the color of the bag has changed or not.

There are many benefits of ciplukan fruit and daunya especially for the health of the body of people who consume it. Here's the full description.

Benefits of Ciplikan / Cecenet

Various Benefits of Ciplukan Fruit and Its Leaves For Health

1. Treating Epilepsy

Epilepsy or ayan disease is characterized by loss of consciousness of a person followed by convulsions and mouth foaming. Another term epilepsy is pig sawan. Ciplukan fruit can be one of the epilepsy drugs but must still be used under a doctor's prescription. Usually, epilepsy can be cured by consuming 10 pieces of ciplukan per day on a regular basis.

2. Treating Thrush

Another benefit is overcoming canker sores, a common disease found in the inner mouth, tongue and gums. Canker sores will generally complain of soreness to bad smells. No need to worry anymore about canker sores because ciplukan fruit will help overcome it thanks to the high content of vitamin C.

3. Helps Lower High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a condition in which blood pressure has exceeded the reasonable limit. The consequences can be fatal if left continuously. Blood pressure lowering potions can be made from ciplukan fruit. Boil five pieces of fruit in 100 ml of water. Strain the boiled water and drink when it warms. Regular consumption so that blood pressure can decrease.

4. Cure Vertigo

The next benefit is treating vertigo. Use all parts of ciplukan plants ranging from fruit, leaves to stems and roots to benefit this one. Boil all parts of the ciplukan plant until boiling. Strain the herb and consume it regularly to get the maximum benefits.

5. Treating Ulcers

The appearance of ulcers on the skin can indeed interfere with appearance and reduce confidence. To solve it, we can make use of ciplukan fruit. Simply blend a few pieces of fruit until smooth and then apply on the skin that arises ulcers as an ointment. Leave to dry and rinse using water. Repeat three times a day until the ulcers are deflated.

6. Helping To Shed Urine

Retained urine can form kidney stones. If the difficulty of urinating is due to a certain reason, make a potion from ciplukan fruit. Boil 10 grains in one glass of water. Bring to a boil until the water is halfway through. Consume warm hoses and do routinely three times a day.

7. Helps Neutralize Toxins

Indecision sometimes makes there are many toxins that enter the body. Poisoning that occurs can certainly harm health. The benefits of this fruit that has a yellow color is one of which is to neutralize toxins that enter the body. Consumption of ciplukan fruit directly will be able to help the process of neutralizing toxins in the body.

8. Energy Reserve Source

Sweet ciplukan fruit indicates sugar content. This will be good in sustaining daily activities. Moreover, if we are the type of people who like to work hard, surely the sugar content in ciplukan fruit will be able to provide additional energy to the body. Regular consumption of ciplukan fruit will provide the necessary energy reserves.

9. Treating Cough

The next benefit is to help relieve cough. It's also quite easy. Boil five pieces of fruit with one glass of water until boiling. Add a squeeze of lime then stir and drink while it is still warm. In addition to relieving cough, this herb can also be consumed if we have throat problems.

10. Treating Flu and Colds

The content of vitamin C in ciplukan fruit makes it can help cure flu or colds suffered. The trick is to boil 5 pieces of ciplukan with a measure of 1 glass of water. Then, the consumption of boiled water until the flu suffered is getting better.

11. Treating Laryngitis

Consuming boiled water ciplukan leaves can also help treat laryngitis. Therefore, regularly consume this herb so that the condition of the inflamed throat can recover immediately.

12. Accelerate the Wound Healing Process

Chlorophyll in ciplukan leaves will be able to speed up the drying process of new wounds. Mash a few sheets of ciplukan leaves and then apply on the wound. Within a few days, the wound will be able to dry out and heal faster.

13. Accelerates The Healing of Lymph Node Disease

People with lymph node disease can make use of ciplukan leaves. One of the benefits of ciplukan leaves is to accelerate the healing of swelling of the lymph nodes. Consumption of water decoction ciplukan leaves in order to help the healing process of this disease.

14. Treating Asthma

Asthma or diseases related to the respiratory tract can also be treated using decoction of leaves and stems of ciplukan plants. Prepare a few pieces of ciplukan leaves with the stems, then boil until boiling. Consumption of boiled water regularly in order to get maximum results.

15. Treating Heart Disease

The next phenomenal benefit is to treat heart disease. Mash about 40 strands of ciplukan leaves until smooth or into juice, then consume directly without mixing water. This method will be able to help the treatment of heart disease suffered.

16. Lowers Heat

Consumption of ciplukan fruit will also help lower fever heat in children. Simply consume some ciplukan fruit to help lower the fever heat suffered by the child. But treating hot fever with the consumption of ciplukan fruit should remain on the advice of a doctor.

17. Cure Breast Cancer

Ciplukan is included in traditional medicine that can overcome various cancers, including breast cancer. Prepare four strands of ciplukan leaves, turmeric shoots and four rice seeds. Mash finely and grease the breast to help prevent cancer.

18. Treating Stroke

Stroke is a disease that becomes a terrifying scourge for many people because it attacks nerve cells. To treat it, simply consume a few grains of ciplukan fruit every day. Routine consumption of ciplukan fruit will be able to help treat stroke suffered by patients.

19. Treating Diabetes

Diabetes or diabetes will also be overcome by using ciplukan plants. In overcoming diabetes can be obtained by boiling the stem and roots in a glass of water. Consume the boiled water three times a day periodically. Diabetes suffered will heal gradually.

20. Treating Joint Pain

Rheumatism or joint pain will also be overcome by ciplukan plants. Mash the ciplukan leaves and betel lime. Attach it to the area of the joint that feels pain. This traditional way will help reduce joint pain so that it no longer hinders our daily activities.

That's the various benefits of ciplukan plants. The description above is not only about the benefits of ciplukan fruit but also the benefits of leaves, stems to ciplukan roots. It can be said that ciplukan is a plant that brings benefits from every part of the plant, especially for health.

In addition to being rich in benefits, the stages of processing fruit and ciplukan leaves as herbal medicine are also fairly simple. On average all we need to do is boil or mash the necessary parts. Regular consumption will make various health problems suffered can be cured slowly.

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