Have you ever heard a disalon say, "Her hair is thick ya." Yes maybe some women have ever earned such praise. Indeed, thick and beautiful hair is very popular with everyone. 

Therefore in this article we will discuss how to thicken hair quickly and naturally. Some of the tips below have actually been discussed in the previous article. But it does not hurt if we again remind how to overcome or take care of our hair.

1. Aloe Vera

Some previous articles we have discussed the benefits of aloe vera for hair care one of which is to prevent hair rontoh, in addition to preventing hair rontoh.  Aloe vera or so-called aloe vera is one of the plants that have been known since thousands of years ago. Aloe vera has long been used to nourish hair, heal wounds and other skin care. Aloe vera is very easy to find in dry areas such as in African countries.

From some research results, this plant is rich in biologicals such as enzymes, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and some other components. One of the substances contained in this plant is aloe emodin, an organic compound where this compound can help us reduce the blood sugar ratio. Aloe vera can also be used to thicken your hair. Using it is the same as hair care to prevent hair loss. That is by taking the meat of aloe vera and then rub the meat of aloe vera into our hair let stand about 15-30 minutes. After 30 minutes rinse our hair with clean water until clean.

2. Hazelnuts

The second way to thicken hair is with hazelnuts, the same as aloe vera, the benefits of hazelnuts have been discussed to grow hair. Therefore hazelnuts are included on the list of ways to thicken hair. If our hair is healthy then our hair will also become thick.

3. Olive Oil

Natural ingredients this one can not be doubted efficacy. Olive oil from the Mediterani sea is a very good oil for any treatment on our body, as is the case with hair. In addition to treating damaged hair, olive oil can also thicken our hair quickly and naturally of course.

4. Green Tea

The next tip on how to thicken hair is with green tea. Hijua tea is one of the natural ones for hair. In addition to green tea hair is also used for diet for women or even men. But in this article we will not discuss how to diet with green tea but rather how to thicken hair with hijua tea. The trick is quite easy just like with previous hair treatments. Use green tea water that has been silenced overnight and apply on the hair before shampooing. After 10-15 minutes then you rinse until you can.

5. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk can not only be used for cooking. More than that it turns out that there are many benefits of coconut milk that we can get for hair health. Coconut juice is able to thicken your thin hair. Thin hair is not good to hold, if we tie it will look thinner and make us less confident. Therefore, how to thicken your thin hair can use coconut milk. In addition, using coconut milk in hair care is one way to soften the hair very well.

6. Vitamin A

Using natural ingredients for hair care one of them to thicken the hair is an excellent way and without any side effects. But using vitamins for hair also does not hurt for more satisfactory results. To thicken your hair you can use vitamin A or consume foods that contain vitamin A such as carrots, apples. Besides being good for your hair, vitamin A is also good for your body to be healthier and fitter.

7. Choosing the Right Shampoo

Consume Vitamin A already, using natural ingredients also already. Surely the thick hair you want will soon materialize, but wrongly using shampoo will be a disaster for your hair. Therefore so that the hair does not become damaged due to improper selection of shampoos. Choose a shampoo that can help your hair grow.

Those are tips on how to thicken your thin hair with natural and healthy ingredients. Do it regularly for maximum results.


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