Tips to care for shoes made from Canvas

Who is the hell, who never wears or has canvas shoes? These shoes are often worn in various atmosphere because they are considered durable, comfortable to wear and easy to maintain.

The models tend to be more relaxed making these shoes more popular for daily activities. Canvas shoes are now available in a wide range of models, such as sneakers, flats, and high heels.

Its usefulness is fitting to accompany various activity activities making this type of shoes vulnerable to dirty and quickly damaged. You must have ever ngalamin right?

Well, but don't worry. To anticipate damage and shorten the life of your beloved canvas shoes. There are actually 6 tips easily kok. 

1. Wait dry the dirt stuck on the canvas shoes.

If your canvas shoes are exposed to mud stains do not panic first. The mud stains that stuck to it are not enough if cleaned with wet tissues.

But if the stain of mud that stuck quite a lot, do not be directly washed with water. Better let the mud stains dry out first. After the new dry you clean by patching the affected part of the mud until it falls out or can also use the toothbrush that is not used.

2. Use two types of washing soap: detergent or dish soap.

Once you make sure that there is no residual dirt attached, you can immediately wash the canvas shoes with two options of washing soap. Depending on the needs and conditions of your canvas shoes.

If you feel that the canvas boots are very dirty, you can use detergent laundry soap. Rinse with water then brush gently.

Well, but if your your canvas shoes are not too dirty, you should use dish soap. This type of laundry soap is considered lighter, so it won't make your shoe color fade. Also avoid washing soaps that contain bleach yes!

3. Do not directly pour soap on canvas shoes.

If you want to color your your canvas shoes durable and always appear new, never lubricate your shoes with soap directly. Better wash your canvas shoes in a bucket containing mixed water detergent soap or dish soap.

Soak for a moment in a bucket, then brush gently by using a smooth brush with rotating gestures.

4. Rinse with warm water.

Once immersed and brushing all the shoe parts up clean, it's time to remove the soap remnants in your canvas shoes. To keep your shoe color looking brighter in the end, rinse your canvas shoes with warm water.

Rinsing with warm water is the right choice because it can open the pores of the shoe and kill the remaining germs in it.

5. Dry in the sunlight.

The best way to dry a canvas shoe is to soak it in sufficient sunlight. Make sure to dry it during the day and don't let it stay overnight outdoors.

The morning dew will make your shoes back damp and prone to smell if worn. For maximum drying you can insert a thick cloth into the shoe before you get it.

6. Do not try to use a washing machine.

Although washing shoes with a washing machine is easier and more efficient, but this is a way to avoid. Because canvas shoes that are washed using the washing machine will be very easily damaged and shorten the lifespan of the battery.

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