Coconut Camani is full of efficacy.

Coconut Camani is full of efficacy.

What is your mother?

Coconut Camani may sound alien yes. The already popular is the chicken Camani, which is a chicken that is all black from the fur and skin start. Well, if coconut what iya is All black?. Apparently different, coconut Camani turns out to be coconut green. It is said that many benefits of coconut Camani for health.

The efficacy of green coconut for health is already known by many people. Apparently behind the sweetness of the water that is sweet and refreshing, green coconut water efficacious treat various diseases.

But to get coconut camani is not easy. Not all young coconut traders found on the roadside provide coconut camani or green coconut.

As usual, if the glide sport around the city, I like to drink coconut water as isotonic. As much as I know, the young coconut water from green coconut is more sweet.

But according to young coconut traders, the term green coconut refers to coconut camani or coconut medicine. Although the form is synonymous with ordinary young coconuts, green coconuts have special features.

The special characteristic of green coconut is to have the base of the stem in red, when the normal green coconut is white. To check it can slightly cut the base of the young coconut fruit.

In addition to relieving the sense of thirst and as isotonic, it turns out the efficacy of green coconut, including it can treat digestive diseases, kidney and bile. It can also lower cholesterol and cleanse the lungs.

Although coconut Camani has many benefits but it seems that there is no cultivation technique that develops cemani coconut. It is evident from the availability of coconut camani in young coconut traders, in the day at most between 10-20 items only. That's what makes the price of green coconut or coconut camani more expensive than ordinary young coconut.

Green coconut Price is around Rp 15 thousand per item. Much more expensive than the price of ordinary young coconut that only Rp 5 thousand per item.

To maintain health, it seems to consume green coconut or coconut camani can provide health benefits.

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