How to Cope with Healthy Flatulence

How to overcome flatulence

Flatulence occurs when this part is stretched, swollen, and makes a person uncomfortable.

Some of the natural ingredients below can remove flatulence without having to go to the doctor:


Ginger is able to accelerate digestion so that the gas can move faster towards the small intestine. This function is very useful for relieving discomfort and bloating in the stomach. More you can read the article Benefits of ginger for health yes.

Cumin and peppermint oil

The combination of cumin and peppermint oil is also considered to be able to cope with flatulence. The mixture of both ingredients is an active ingredient that can help those with a history of ulcer disease.

Probiotic Drinks

Probiotics that are good bacteria are also thought to be able to help the digestive system and reduce excess gas in the stomach. Some of the natural ingredients that contain bacteria both in the intestines are yogurt, kefir, Tempe, and kimchi.

How to overcome flatulence

There are many causes of abdominal bloating, among them:

1. Experiencing constipation.
2. Excessive wind in the stomach.
3. Swallow air, usually occurs when eating while speaking.
4. Suffering from Celiac disease.
5. Intolerance to certain foods.
6. Suffer from irritable syndrome in the colon.

Some ways of preventing flatulence

Some of the easy ways below may be trivial but can be instrumental in preventing flatulence:

Eat softly

Eating too fast and not yellowed well can make the food more difficult to digest in the stomach. This is what can then cause flatulence.

Limit consumption of carbonated beverages

Consuming too much carbonated drink may cause gas in the stomach and flatulence. If possible, replace it by drinking water with a mixture of lemon, lime, or cucumber.

Limit sodium intake

Processed foods with high sodium content (components in salt, usually on preserved foods) and low in fiber may cause abdominal bloating.

Thus some information on how to overcome flatulence, hopefully useful

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