Best fruit for stomach acid Sufferers

Best fruit for stomach acid sufferers

From various types of fruits, there are some fruits that are very nutritious in lowering the acid levels of stomach. These include:

1. Banana

Bananas contain potassium that is beneficial for balancing the ph in the stomach. High potassium content is also able to normalize blood pressure increase due to stress. 

Fresh Banana Credit: Healty Compass

2. Papaya

Papaya contains papain or propeolytic enzymes that enhance the digestive system.

Although it tastes sour, but this fruit is very friendly with ulcer patients. It is due to the content of acetic acid and ascoric acid that can serve as gastric disease medication.

3. Mango

In addition to having a good taste and sweet, Mango is also a healthy fruit rich in nutrients and also an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory natural. Consuming mango fruit keeps the stomach lining cool and free from acid. You can consume mangoes to your liking.

4. Coconut

Coconut water that is taken several times a day can prevent the formation of extra acids in your stomach. Coconut water is also very good as a drink to release thirst as it can provide glucose and lost salt in the body.

5. Watermelon

Fruit containing many of these water contain many amino acid citrulline which helps the body in creating ammonia. Anomia is useful in maintaining the acidic level of the body.

6. Cucumber

It's the same way as when you place the cucumber slices on the eyelid. Do the same thing on the stomach. Cucumbers can reduce body heat and prevent pain spinning in the stomach caused by acid fatigue in the stomach.

May we increasingly maintain a healthy living pattern 

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