Skin Overcoming Dull and Dry Feet

Skin overcoming dull and dry feet

Easy to be difficult. Of course if you have dull skin will be very disturbing appearance. Because if dull and dry skin will make a person look older in the appeal with the previous age.

Foot is one part of the body that is prone to dull skin, because the legs are a part of the body that is far from the heart so that the temperature is not at heart that is near the cardiac and prone to dry skin. But in some women, the legs become one of the assets supporting the appearance.

In the world of health, dull or dry skin is known as Iktiosis. Iktiosis is the loss of moisture in the Epidermis layer, which will negatively affect the skin. Due to lack of vitamins and moisture will cause the skin to become dull, more sensitive, skin redness, more sensitive if exposed to direct exposure to sunlight or at the time of weather change. Well, if you want to get the skin of feet moist, departure and smooth. You can practice the following natural ways:


Drink Mineral water

As we know that water is very good for our body health. By consuming drinking mineral water enough can be able to prevent dull and dry skin. Consume as much as 2.5 liters per day or the equivalent of 8 glasses every day, so that the body becomes fresh and your skin becomes softer and smoother.

Wearing olive oil

Olive oil has an outer benefit of bias for the human body. The price is relatively affordable for all circles. Treating dull and dry skin with olive oil is an easy way to restore skin elasticity and overcome dull or dry skin because olive oil gives skin moisture. It's easy to apply to dull or dry skin, you can do it every day after bathing.

Skin (Scrub)

Moisten the dull, dry skin with water, you can mengosoknya using a soft cloth (washcloth) until evenly. Because it can remove dead skin cells that are in the skin.

Do not direct dry legs

If the legs are dull and dry it is itchy not in the crispy because it will result in the skin of the feet to scaly. You should compress with cold water to relieve itching.

Consuming nutritious food

Consume daily vegetables and fruits to maintain the health of our skin so as to avoid dull and dry skin. Avoid intoxicating drinks (alcohol) and contain caffeine.

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