Warm ginger and healthy make up

Ginger is a kind of spices and medicinal ingredients, the form of ginger itself that is the section that is being packed. Which has the dominant taste of warm spicy due to the presence of zingeron compounds. Ginger is thought to come from the country of India, but some say that ginger originated in southern China. From India it was brought to China, southeast Asia, Japan and the Middle East through trade. Because Ginger has a spicy and warm properties then it is popular in the period of colonialism in European countries.


In Indonesia itself many are planting ginger, because it is easy to grow even in a narrow field. That is because Ginger does not need to eat many places and land, so that many people plant in the yard of the House although small and just to meet the needs of the sudden. Ginger also has many compounds that are excellent for our bodies such as proteins, minerals and vitamins.  People know that Ginger has tremendous benefits for our bodies, among others:

1. Overcoming Wind Entry

It is no secret that Ginger has anti-virus and antitoxin benefits, hence it can cope with wind and flu. No wonder if there are some drug companies in the wind that adds ginger extract inside.

2. Smooth Digestion

Ginger can also be trusted to launch digestion, because the nature of the ginger is warm to the body especially on the stomach.

3. Preventing the growth of some cancer cells

Apparently Ginger also has the efficacy to prevent the growth of some cancer cells, such as skin cancer, pancreas and lung cancer.

4. Good for breathing

While coughing, our respiratory must also be disturbed, therefore drinking water from ginger extract can relieve cough and dilute phlegm. So the throat and chest feel relieved and warm.

5. Treating bruises

The anti-inflammatory content of ginger can treat the bruising present in our body when there is a mild accident by pumping a rough ginger and attached to the bruising, so that it can also relieve the pain in the bruising.

Ginger is indeed from antiquity believed to be a medicinal plant or additional flavor on the cuisine.

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