The Secrets of Today's Healthy lifestyle

One of the favors of God that we need to keep the health of body. A healthy body is a capital to perform various activities and activities daily, whether related to the activities of the world or with life after the world of the Hereafter. With a healthy body we can do the activity smoothly and the results to suit the expectation.

A healthy body is a dream for everyone is no exception..? 

Health is a valuable asset because of its expensive health. If we get sick, we need doctors and medicines to cure pain, we are because it's a healthy thing that is very expensive. We will not feel comfortable too even though we have abundant treasures and riches if our bodies are unhealthy then we cannot enjoy life.

Healthy Lifestyle

God actually created us in the form and the most appropriate condition of other creatures. We have been created so well that we have to keep it with good effort also so that our bodies remain healthy. In today's modern era the lifestyle of one who follows the development of the Times is not necessarily a healthy lifestyle. Many people do a less good lifestyle for his or her health. Lifestyle includes diet, sleep, as well as sports that are rare.

Danger of unhealthy bad lifestyle

Poor eating patterns as well as consuming unhealthy foods without this rule cause the body to become unhealthy. People prefer to consume food that is ready and instant because many people are too busy with their activities and work so that the diet is not regular. They consume food without considering the content contained in the food. Bad habits can also be the cause of your body as unhealthy as sleeping habits that are too late at night and other habits such as eating unhealthy foods and beverages.

From now on, let's do a healthy life by doing things that can maintain the health of our body. Ways to maintain the health of our body can be in a modern way or in a natural way. You can also do small things that are easy but will have important effect in maintaining the health of the body. Here are some ways to keep your body healthy:

1. Fulfill Fiber foods

The body needs foods that contain fiber to keep the body from bacterial attack, fiber also serves to stimulate the smooth production of impurities from within our body through the intestinal tract activity.

Dirt in our body will be easily removed if fiber needs are met. If dirt in the body is hard to be removed due to lack of fiber, then dirt in the body can accumulate so that it can become toxic in the body and cause disease. Fulfill your body needs with adequate fibre. Foods containing high fiber include:

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi is the fruit containing the highest fiber of other fruits. Fiber content in Kiwifruit 3.0 grams/100 grams of fiber. You can consume Kiwi with juice or make another menu you like fruit soup. To avoid boredom with only eating kiwi fruit directly.

Kidney Beans

– Red beans also include foods that contain high fiber. In addition to high fiber red beans contain proteins and iron is very good for the health of the body.

Avocado fruit 

– Avocado contains high fiber which is good for body health. Avocado contains unsaturated fats that can reduce the risk of developing heart disease and can lower cholesterol. This fruit can be consumed with a variety of menus such as juz, eaten with milk, ice fruit and other menus that are seseai to your taste.


– Corn is a food that can replace rice or staple food because of carbohydrate content therein. In addition to foods containing carbohydrates, corn contains a fairly high fiber. Corn can be consumed with vegetables, pudding, or snacks like popcorn.


-Beans including vegetables containing high fiber. In addition to containing high fiber beans also contains antioxidants that are good for the health of the body as well as preventing heart disease or cancer attacks.


– Oatmeal is a food containing high fiber. The consumption of oatmeal for breakfast is great for the health of the body. Oatmeal is also a fiber-rich food with special type as food to lower cholesterol in the body. Enhancing the immune system that is a strong named Beta Glucan.


– Peas are a type of beans containing high fiber. One cup of peas contains 16.3 grams of fiber.

The secrets of today's healthy lifestyle

2. Breakfast before 09.00

Breakfast is very important to maintain the health of our body. It has been agreed upon by some experts that the best breakfast is breakfast before 9am. Breakfast is very important because in the morning our stomach condition is empty because it has been processed when we rest at night which is about 7 to 8 hours.

Breakfast is our source of energy to do activities during the day. Leaving breakfast can cause the body to become limb, lethargic, less energetic and difficult to think. In children breakfast can increase the strength and intelligence in thinking so it can improve learning achievement. The breakfast can fulfill the energy requirement of 15 to 30% of daily energy and nutritional needs. In addition to fulfilling the energy needs of breakfast body turns also can prevent obesity and hypocholesterol.

3. Consume 4 healthy foods perfect 5

Fill the body right to get 4 healthy food 5 perfect. Food 4 Healthy 5 perfectly includes rice, side dishes, vegetables, fruit and milk. Rice is a staple food as a source of carbohydrates, side dishes as a source of protein, vegetables as a source of minerals and fruit as a source of vitamins. Milk is a perfect enhancer for the need to increase energy and meet the needs of our bones.

To get 4 healthy food Menu 5 perfect not have to expensive cost. Many fruits, vegetables and healthy side dishes can be purchased at an affordable price. There is no need to expensive that important content of human nutrition needs that the body needs fulfilled perfectly to keep the body healthy.

4. Keep the cleanliness and hygiene of food

All the food you consume should be assured of cleanliness. Food like fruit and vegetable wash first before you consume it. If cooking the food, cook until the perfect cooked. Immature food has the risk of still containing bacteria that can harm the health of your body.

5. Avoid eating instant foods too often

Instant food has a practical advantages served as well as tasty but has more negative effects for healthy body. Instant food is very friendly for those of you who are busy with activities and jobs like office workers or students. One instant meal that is easy to serve is instant noodle. Do not consume too often instant noodles because of the many chemical substances in them such as sodium polyphosphate, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, wax substances as well as food dyes that all substances are not good if too often enter the body We. 

We do not mean it should not consume at all instant food but not too often, a maximum of once a week. In cooking instant noodles also the right way is not to cook seasoning noodles in flames that are lit but sprinkle the seasoning when the noodles have finished cooking and are on the plate. When cooking water noodle dishes are replaced with new ones, because the noodles contain candles so that the water results of many noodle dishes contain candles and if entering into the body will be dangerous.

6. Control portion Feeding

Excessive portion of eating will not add to the health of the body but can cause many diseases. If the portion of your meal is too much then the fat risk will be higher. Obese people will be more susceptible to various diseases and obesity. Eat with a reasonable portion.

Some of the dangers of eating with excessive portions of them will cause diabetes, experiencing impaired function in the signal of the brain insulin, the psychological growth is hindered, sugar levels can increase higher, the body produces much Free radicals, as well as other negative consequences.

7. Drink White Water

The body's need for water every day is at least 1.5 liters or equivalent to about 8 glasses. White water is needed by the body to meet the body's need for liquids. Our bodies 70% consist of liquids so the need for white water needs to be fulfilled. To maintain the health of the body with the benefits of white water, can not be replaced by other water. White water is the healthiest water for the body and is harmless to the body. The known benefits of a layman may just eliminate thirst in the body, but in fact white water has many benefits for the health of our body.

Some benefits of white water for the body such as:

  • Maintaining fluid balance in the body
  • Controlling calories in the body
  • Increase energy
  • Helps remove toxins in the body
  • Helps keep kidney function good
  • Increase productivity in the body
  • Enhances brain function
  • Launched the circulatory system
  • Treating headaches

By looking at the fact of the many benefits of white water, from now on drink a lot of water to keep the body healthy. (Read also: The danger of drinking less water – due to excess water)

8. Reduce Coffee

For you coffee enthusiasts reduce your coffee consumption if you want to keep your body healthy. Coffee contains a caffeine hazard that if consumed in many levels will cause a negative effect on the health of the body. High caffeine content in the KPO can slow down the performance of the heart.

9. Avoid consuming isotonic drinks too often

Isotonic drinks that are widely sold do have a more delicious flavor but if we too often consume it is not good for the health of the body. Isotonic beverages contain many chemicals and preservatives that are not good for the health of the body. It is better if you consume a juz drink or coconut water.

Juice from fresh fruit will fulfill the needs of vitamins in the body, coconut water that has many benefits for the body will help to remove the toxins that are in your body. The head water is great for the health of the body because the content in it natural can replace the body ions lost because of the day activities. The head water is also good for the health of pregnant mothers.

10. Avoid the habit of staying up

For those who do many activities during the day, avoid staying overnight. It will make the body condition to be less healthy because the night breeze is good for the body. The consequences of night can cause many diseases in our body such as:

  • Weight problems
  • Weakened immune system
  • Heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, headache, weak reflexes, reduced life expectancy
  • In the long run there can be damage to nerve cells in the brain

Seeing the amount of risk that can interfere with your body health should avoid staying up.

11. Be familiar with drinking water before and after sleeping

Drink the white water before bed and after waking up the bed is very good. Before drinking a water drink at least one glass of water so long as you sleep white water will help your body to remove the toxins that are in your body. When waking up do not drink other water except white water. Drink water when waking up well to balance the performance of your brain that has just been diitirahatkan and will be reused.

12. Drink multivitamins

Multivitamins need your body to increase the nutritional intake of vegetables and fruits. Drink a multivitamin that matches your body's health. Multivitamins are widely provided at pharmacies so you easily get them. Drink regularly to keep your body healthy.

13. Vitamin D Consumption

Fulfill your body needs for vitamin D. Vitamin D function in protecting your body from various germs, diseases, viruses and bacteria that attack because vitamin D acts as a stimulus to the immune cells so that the immune system will be strong against Attacks of various diseases. Vitamin D You can get not only from food but also from sunlight energy in the morning. Sunlight early days before 9 o'clock will change the pro vitamin D in your body to vitamin D. Sun can meet vitamin D in the body, because the content of vitamin D in the sun up to 80%.

While vitamin D is contained in foods such as eggs, liver, milk, salmon, shrimp, tofu, cheese, cereals, mushrooms, cod liver oil, soy. And many more foods that contain vitamin D, consume them balanced so that the body will stay healthy.

14. Exercise regularly

Maintaining a healthy body other than in terms of food we also have to balance the body with exercise regularly. Exercise can re-refresh the body, so that it becomes fit and spirited and spared from illness. The benefits of health sports are not only gained with modern tools and the way that your body is burping. Exercise a comfortable and appropriate portion of body strength, which is important for your body to move so that it is not stiff and susceptible to disease.

You can choose a sport that you like to swim 3 times a week, gymnastics every Sunday or a small run to sweat in your body and a lot of sports you can choose from. To keep your body healthy exercise at least once a week. For the office workers or students or other professions who do activities on weekdays, you can do sports when the week end with your family or friends will certainly be more enjoyable.

15. Get a habit of early sleep and wake up in the morning

Waking habits are great for how to keep our body healthy. When we wake up in the morning, we will breathe fresh air that has not been polluted by various kinds of air pollution so that clean oxygen intake is fulfilled. Clean oxygen also affects the performance of the brain so that it is calm and easier to think positively and bring out brilliant ideas.

Sleeping early makes our rest adequate. Get in the sleep around 21.00 hours and wake up early at 05.00.

16. Adequate rest

Your body needs rest after a day of activity. Take a break enough and quality, because the rest is quite less if to maintain the health of the body if your resting TA is not quality. Rest enough that is 7 to 8 hours a day. A quality rest is without us carrying the burden in our sleep. Try to sleep our minds in a carefree condition so that waking up the morning will be fresh again.

17. Avoid sleeping in certain times

There is not a good time when it is used to sleep in the morning after 06.00 as well as in the afternoons after 15.00 hours. If you sleep at a time that goes into that time range then it is not good for the health of your body. Many say that sleep in the morning then the regime will be in the chicken Patok, it is true if we sleep in the morning time that should be used to do a useful activity but instead wasted to sleep. Besides the loss of the health of the body is also not good because it can cause dizziness.

Sleeping in the afternoon after 15.00 is also not good because it can cause us to easily forget as well as weaken brain intelligence. Avoid sleeping in the last two times. If you want to sleep one hour during the day around 12.00 until 13.00. Sleep in this hour instead nourish the body as it gives the opportunity to body rest briefly.

18. Fasting

Fasting proved to be a healthy body. By fasting our digestive organs will rest, not only our bodies need to break our digestive tools also need rest. In addition, fasting can also remove toxins that exist in the body, this process in the medical world is known as detoxification. Fasting is recommended a week twice, if according to the good Islam on Mondays and Thursdays.

19. Maintain Cleanliness

Hygiene is the key to body health. Keep yourself clean and your environment. Self-hygiene like wash your hands before you eat and after meals. Keep it 2 times a day so that germs and bacteria that can invade your health do not stick to your body. Germs and bacteria that are in your body or environment are due to lack of self-hygiene or your environment.

The food you eat also needs to be kept clean. If you want to buy food, choose a food that is covered by plastic, avoid buying food that is in the roadside because the food that is sold on the roadside is much exposed to dust and pollution so it can cause many diseases, such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.

20. Positive Thinking

Positive thinking will prevent you from stress because stress can cause some risk of illness. Positive thoughts affect mental and mind health, a healthy soul will affect a healthy body.

So some ways to keep the body healthy day-har. Do it happily so you can get a good body health. To get the body that remains healthy should not be at an expensive cost instead..?

The important thing is the willingness and intention of the healthy body you can get. Good luck to keep your body healthy.

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