Benefits of Banana Fruit for Diabetics

Bananas are a kind of fruit that grows around the house easily especially in Indonesia, very many banana trees are found. And especially in villages where natural and fresh nature conditions, the price is quite cheap for the community. Bananas also have many types even there are also bananas that have a red color when cooked, but that is often sold and in the planting is usually a banana that if ripe has a yellow color.

Many of the ingredients of good substance in the banana fruit include vitamin B complex, calcium vitamin C, potassium, iron and magnesium. The taste is sweet and filling, a lot of people who like the fruit this one includes a monkey animal that is often depicted like a banana even though some people do not like it.

The sweet taste of the banana fruit is that many people consider this fruit should not be eaten by diabetics. The statement is not entirely true, as some studies say that bananas can be consumed by diabetics. But the doctor is recommended by a banana with a maturity condition that is not too sweet, or a banana that still has a little sense of sepat.


Fiber content in this banana fruit is believed to make our stomach full longer, so that diabetics will not be too much to enter carbohydrates anymore. So that our blood sugar is slightly controlled and helped by this banana fruit, in addition to the good banana fruit in consumption by diabetics benefit from the banana fruit is also not a little.

And some of the benefits of the banana fruit are:

1. Preventing Free radicals

Vitamin C is sufficient in the banana fruit, capable of fulfilling and enhancing the immune system in the body. Of course, with regular consumption for suppose for breakfast and lunch interlude at least in one day consume 2 bananas.

2. Preventing Heart Pain

Potassium in the banana fruit is also believed to prevent heart disease, but also in the support of flavonoids substances that function to prevent the process of fat oxidation.

3. Treating constipation and launching digestion

Bananas can also function to allow us to avoid the harpiness of fases, so our digestive system will work better. So many people use banana for diet or instead of rice.

4. Good for Bones

Manganese substances are contained in this fruit as well as nutrients for bones. So if the banana in the consumption routinely can nourish the bones.

5. Avoiding Anemia

If you have anemia or deficiency of red blood cells, banana fruit also contains iron so that consumption of 2 bananas daily will prevent the occurrence of anemia.   

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