5 Benefits of Healthy Guava

In addition to guava we are also familiar with the name guava, Jmbu water is very different with guava. Guava has a slightly large seed and brownish, the color of guava if it is ripe in red color. The tree of guava is also tall and brown in color. Guava contains many fibers and vitamin C, as well as calcium and iron. Therefore guava has the benefits that are suitable for our health.

1. Cholesterol down

The fibre in guava is believed to decrease cholesterol levels in the body. So it can prevent heart attack and stroke.

2. Blood sugar controlled levels

By consuming guava regularly, blood sugar levels in the body will be controlled. So guava can also prevent the occurrence of diabetes.

3. Preventing dehydration

Water content in guava is undoubtedly, so guava can prevent dehydration in our body.

4. Fight free Radicals

With the vitamin C content that is also quite high, guava can fight free radicals that will enter the body. So guava can also be trusted as cancer prevention especially prostart and breast.

5. Overcoming Constipation

In the guava there is a high fiber, so it can help the digestion in the body. So that the body is spared from constipation or even diarrhea.

These are some of the benefits contained in guava, therefore we must still consume guava routinely to get satisfactory results of our body.

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